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Things are gradually looking up. [Nov. 14th, 2006|07:14 pm]
[Current Location |The Frustrators- I Slept With Terry]

I never wrote about SPAR FEST or the Plus 44 show. I want to start keeping up on shows because they are all so distinct and fun! We played alright in Orlando. I left right after we played though because my sister was in town and we went to halloween horror nights. Of all shows, I would have wanted to stay at this one. The 40 minutes I was there more kids from bands came up to me and introduced themselves more than any other show I've ever played and I loved it. The bands seemed really fucking cool and the people even better. I just wanted to stay there and meet these guys. I was also called a female Johnny Ramone haha.

So like a week and a half ago I felt really awkward. I felt that life was just bearable. But events that have occurred this past week have made me feel so much better and make me look forward to a lot of things that are about to happen. I guess going to USF wasn't in my plan but it's not too bad. That's the only thing keeping me down, but I'm sure I'll get used to it and I'll gain somethign positive from it. But so much is looking up. The band is getting better and better every time. Arm the Poor even say that everytime they see us. We have 11 originals and are pushing to record a full length 10 song album next week! Cheddar called me saying we are playing the biggest show he and ofcourse leo, fatty and i have ever played. Coming from Cheddar that this is the biggest show he's ever played means the world! It's the Freedom Fest next weekend in Orlando. All the bands are pretty much out of town bands and according to cheddar it is being broadcast on webcam and watched by a bunch record labels. SO DAAAMN!

Wednesday was the day that kicked off this happy streak! I saw Plus 44 and I guess this past week has made me realize how much I love my parents and how much I should love them. My dad took me to the show when no one else could. I hung around in the back and saw Mark Hoppus walking around, and I also saw Shane. BUT WHERE WAS CRAIG OR TRAVIS! DAMMIT! I only caught 3 songs by the matches and somehow managed to get front row right infront of Craig!!! DUring their set i yelled mercy killers and he smiled at me. Watching craig made me love my guitar so much. he's so fuckin good! Travis rocked the shit out of his kit with one arm!!! he even managed to smoke while playing...damn. After their set Craig gave me four of his guitar picks. and around back the band came out later. i talked to craig and he said "I thought that was you!" We talked for a little about music and shit. Travis came out later and it was crazy. I managed to get a picture with him and wished him an early birthday which he was highly grateful for and replied with a thank you so much and nice meeting you! :)...

This weekend should be tight as hell too. We play in Port Richey on Saturday. Our longest set yet. We are unofficially playing Friday night too just because our friends Laura and Jeremy work at the bar and want entertainment friday too. Our set is 18 songs long!!! We played it at practice once and tried playing it a second time around but failed because we weer so exhausted!

Other good news my mom finally knows about Fatty and I being together and her reaction was completely ironic. She was totally cool about it!!! I'm ecstatic.

So I'm started to feel good about myself again....

Off to ride my bike guys! Can't wait to see everyone here next week! Buy our cd (if we record it). It'll probably only be $3!


[User Picture]From: ninjapirate52
2006-11-15 06:08 am (UTC)
me = jealous
tho i wouldnt yeall travis, barron von tito fits him better... im such a dork,
Cant wait to see you again, i miss those 5th period hang outs n shit
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