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Pegasus on the 30th was probably one of our best played shows we… - RADIO RADIO RADIO [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 10th, 2006|12:33 am]
[mood |calmotay]
[music |MOTCH- Filthy Nomads]

Pegasus on the 30th was probably one of our best played shows we have had. We played this new song we wrote for the first time perfect and I just remembered being extremely pumped. I think  the new song is going to be called Destroy us All but I don't know. That show was really fucking good. Afterwards I talked to Shaun from Degenerate Elite for a while and met his guitar instructor Craig. Another suprise at this show was that two of my classmates from Wharton showed up. One was Calcy McDuffy who I never was really acquainted with him but we had some classes together. But it was real tight seeing him there and him and his friend really dug us and said they were going to come out to our Brass Mug show. I love the band Cerephesis. They are so fucking good and some of the coolest guys. It's a shame their little side band Motch couldn't play because they are hilarious. But outside the show we were chilling with Kev and his girl and some of their friends, singing some Wesley Willis songs and just acting silly. 

Friday at SPOT. This show went well. I love shows at SPOT. It is my favorite venue, I just wish the sound was as good as the one in pegasus because pretty much in our band; the better the sound, the better we play. Playing was a blast. There were a lot of kids I didn't recognize from past SPOT shows as well as some that I did, but there was a lot of dancing and when we opened with the filthy nomads version of The Options (previously a Two-term nightmare song) there were people singing on the mic. And this show was for Woody's birthday and like always, he did the honors to sing Soccer Mom with us. But out in the crowd was Cheddar's friend Adler was there and Cheddar had told me earleir that this guy was starting a record label. SO during our set I would occasionally glance at him in hope that he really was into us. Fortunately he was and later I was told by Fatty that he wants to sign us to his label. He came up to me after our set and told me he really liked it too and another interest thing about this night was that I was pretty much asked out by Degenerate Elite's drummer. It's flattering but I really hope there won't be awkwardness between us because I do love that band as well. Well the playing part of this show was great but after I didn't feel too good. A lot has been going through my mind so I was very introverted Friday night. I guess too much about me going to USF comes into my mind and I hate it. I don't want it on my mind when I'm supposed to be having a good time...but I just couldn't help it....it really blows.

By the way, check out my profile song on my myspace. It's by that band Motch i was talking about. It's a song about us. They just put it up today. Or go here: www.myspace.com/motchmusic