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Mt Pockets in New Port Richey: Criminal Culture. The Crypt… - RADIO RADIO RADIO [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 19th, 2006|06:12 pm]
[mood |chipperGREEEEAAAAT!]
[music |Tim Armstrong- Wake Up]

Mt Pockets in New Port Richey: Criminal Culture. The Crypt Creepers. The Filthy Nomads.

I knew this show was going to be different. It's always great playing a town for the first time. We headed towards MT Pockets on Friday because our friends Laura and Jeremy work at the bar and they said they wanted entertainment that night. Our set consisted of 18 songs and we played it that night about 3 and a half times...we were exhausted with cuts on our hands, blisters and any other bruises...but actually the only reason we played it the third time is because one of Jeremy's friends said he'd give us $20 if we played it...pretty much just for him. We stood at the bar 'till around 2 30 or so and headed to Laura's. We were supposed to sleep in the garage but Kat let us sleep on the living room floor which was a lot warmer...so thanks to her...

We pretty much stood sleeping 'till about 3 pm and got some food and headed to the mall to hand out flyers. There are a lot more punks here then back in Tampa.  The majority of punk kids at the mall who we gave flyers to we're already heading to the show...so it was tight as hell.

Later at the show... Criminal Culture went on first. They were an acoustic act but I was really impressed. This is James and Tony from the Bomb Rockets' side project. But yea they were really good. James plays some good guitar and we hope to jam sometime soon.
Oh yea, while we were waiting for kids to come in to the show, I witnessed and felt great envy at watching this like 7 year old boy and his dad play pool together. This kid was fucking amazing at pool! You can tell his dad just spent time with him and taught him how too. And the kid almost won but miss the eight ball by a cm...and when he did the dad laughed but with compassion and hugged him and then the dad won... it seemed almost too cliche and surreal to believe it to be true. I know Fatty and I were thinking the same thing while we watched and he was the one to say it out loud, "My dad never did cool stuff like that with me..."

Back to the show...We were supposed to go on last but were moved to the 2nd spot...why? I never know but I just chug along. We played 16 of the 18 songs on our set, so our total set time was about 45 minutes. These were probably the most energetic 45 minutes of playing we've ever had in the band. The pit was so tight. Like I said early, we even had the guy in the wheelchair rocking out. My mic got knocked over a couple times, same with Cheddar's. Not too much of let's stand in the back and nod my head was going on either. People had their arms around eachother, right upfront jamming out! Even a long time spectator of the band was there. Forgive me, I forget names..I call her Alabama..but she's been watching us since the Cliff days...She was jammin out real good too at the bar and it was funny when i saw her on stage. I recognized her face and turn away and when I finally matched the face to who she really was I turned back and smiled at her, she thought that was hilarious. I even got a weird compliment from her afterwards. She said I am the one girl that turns her on, which i replied with, well im flattered. her and her boyfriend laughed..But I think in our band if the crowd is having a blast we feed of them it shows up in our performance...and really, if we can have fun playing, the crowd should have as much fun as we are having!

here are some pictures!!!


Leo= Dori from Finding Nemo


We found some random baby powder bottle at the bar...


Saturday night:

This shit is RAAAAAAAAAW!

My grandpa is in town so im really happy about that! and pretty much everyone is coming home! so paaartaaaaY! and ofcourse. WE RECORD OUR ALBUM WEDNESDAY AND PLAY OUR BIGGEST SHOW EVER SATURDAY!!! If you can make it please do! it's in orlando. we play at 3, it's pretty damn pricey, so i understand if you dont. $15 is a lot...but there are other good bands playing too! if we play like we did last night, thatd be great!



[User Picture]From: xxtakewarningxx
2006-11-20 12:11 am (UTC)
_____ ate my cereal!!!

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