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[Oct. 19th, 2006|11:29 pm]
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well we played our first headlining show...not on purpose that is. So we show up at the show and find out that it was supposed to be a matinee show and that it was double booked. Originally lined up for five bands to play it was cut to three. Each band had to play 20 minutes and actually CIO didn't even get to play because Rich and Brad didn't show up. Sorry Dan :( But we flew by our set, I enjoyed playing and I respected the crowd for staying and watching us even though I don't think many of them were there to watch us. I really respected them for dancing most of the time. That has been happening a lot the last couple shows and it makes me feel good especially when I don't even know a single one of these kids.
Haha the band also signed their first autographs on our setlist for our friend Tyler lol All Fatty's was just a goofy smiley face

Speaking of not being acquainted with kids at our shows, well today Yasmeen and I were walking around Walmart and a group of four kids were walking and I smiled as I passed by them and one of the girls put her fist out to give me dap and said "I saw your band play at SPOT and you guys fucking ruled." It was really fucking tight! 

This weekend is going to be so fucking fun! We are playing for the first time in Orlando on Saturday at SPAR FEST. And Tanya and Jay will be going! But right after we play I will be joining them as well as my sister and her friend Jaime to go to Halloween Horror Nights and on Sunday I will be going to Howl-O-Scream with them too! WEEEEE!

I'm pretty excited for next weekend too. It will be the first weekend without a show for a while so I hope to get together with some friends from Wharton and I think my pal Kassie V is coming down so I'd like to see her again, this time more then 5 minutes.

I've been thinking a lot about my friend Franky. I wrote a pretty cool song which I think I may finally write the words in dedication to how important he is in my life and so that he will never be forgotten.... Leo like's the music and I do too. 

Where's the nice weather? I want to bike ride again! The heat fucking BLOOOOOWS!