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[Oct. 14th, 2006|06:39 am]
[mood |flirtyflirty]
[music |Morning Glory]

Things just get more interesting. This past week has been very eventful. Being out of school right now has been pretty cool. I've gotten over feeling bored with discovering my new facination of riding my bike. Before I would stay home in hope that I could call someone to hang out but since everyone was in school or leaving town I felt so bored. But nowadays I have found ways to keep myself entertain at all times. I don't really get on the computer too much, which is really awesome! haha and I pretty much play guitar a lot, hang with Yasmeen, Mary, Fatty or Leo or bike. OK to biking. It's pretty humorous because Yasmeen would always beg me to ride bikes with her but I'd always make an excuse and avoid it. I hated the weather and I just didn't feel like doing it. And when we finally went I was like "WOAH! This feels incredible!" Since then I've biked everyday for atleast 1 hour. I love cutting through Hunters Green Elementary and Benito and going to Arbor Greene. I wish the bike path continued on all the way to morris bridge. and actually about an hour ago i just returned from fatty's house in tampa palms where i biked. riding at like 2 in the mornign is fucking awesome! it feels so fucking nice and there arent many cars out so you can ride in the street (in the subdivision that is) yasmeen and i are going reflector, horn, bell and basket shoppnig soon! :) Oh yea and mary yaz and i went to flatwoods the other day. that was really neat!

This week I also woke up at 6:30 and sat in a classroom for the first time in 5 months. Yea so I went with Yasmeen to two of her classes and saw a lot of old friends from WHARTON! It was really exciting seeing them again. I talked to Shannon Gallamore, Amanda Vega, Nicole Savino, Luis Franco, RICKY PATEL!, Xigrid Soto (who i hadn't seen since the 7th grade!), Candace Caw, and some more people I can't think of. But it wasn't too bad. CHemistry was boring, I sat there and read my guitar book and doodle. Her psych class was amusing. Her teacher's a horny freak but besides that it was cool.

Tonight was a blast. I went to the wharton homecoming game and i was so amazed to see so many 2006 graduates there. There were even people from UF and FSU there! I felt like myself again, all silly and giddy seeing everyone and yelling all over the place. Giving hugs all night to teachers, parents, students...it was real cool. I mean there were so many people, Lauren Taylor, Alex Galantis, Cami Stump (air hugs!), Joe Pelayo, Richard Dance (when i saw that boy i yelled Regina just like old times, he laughed and im glad hes cool enough to not look at me weird and feel like i embarrassed him), Kassie Vitelli (her sis won homecoming queen and she looked fucking gorgeous i was so happy!), Jazmine Diaz, Chadd Sommerfield, Justin Delaportes, Sarah French, Brittni Loyless, Maigen Pardee, Ashley Sinkiwetz, Kayla and Jacki Jacopelle, Monique Gonzalez, Dante Davis, Ezekiel, Jahmel Edwards, Esther Rattes, Ogi Peruccia, Gonzo, Stephen Henry, Kaleesha, Adonna, and i dont feel like remembering who else. And there were even loads of teachers there like Otero, Sofia (who i doved with some big as leaf decoration that one of the girls from the senior class float handed to me as they were riding around), That little spanish lady who'd see me skipping and hanging in the english TPA (miguel's mom, no idea what her name is) ms rodriguez who gave me a huge hug and said she misses our success center lunch crew, ms rogers, mr spade who was smokin a fat ass cigar outside, mr rowan!! who called my sis crazy and isnt coachin guys soccer this year :(, ms wes in the stands, ms woolley, mr aldred, so many others.

and the worse part of tonight. leos mom is making things really difficult again saying leo has to definetly quit. i dont know, for some reason even with that news i feel like hes not leaving, not now. we arent going to let him. i love leo and his mom being crazy isnt gonna stop this band.